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Homeopathy is a safe, gentle and effective system of medicine that works by stimulating your body's own healing process. Established over 200 years ago, it uses a holistic approach that considers all aspects of an individual, including life style, personality and medication.

Homeopathy works by stimulating your body's own healing process. It recognises that symptoms of illness are the body's attempt to heal itself.

The remedy chosen is based on the Law of Similars - treating like with like; acting as a catalyst to promote the person's own natural healing ability.

Homeopathy uses tiny doses of safe, non toxic substances to activate the healing process. This means that it is particularly suitable for pregnant women, the elderly, those with drug allergies and children.


Homeopathy can be used to treat a wide range of physical, mental and emotional problems; both minor and persistent. Because it also improves overall health, clients typically report a general sense of well being and other positive changes in their lives.

If you are taking prescribed medication for a long term problem, this does not prevent you benefiting from homeopathic treatment. Over time you may find symptoms that have not been addressed by your existing medication resolve.

Homeopathy can also ease the after-effects of prescribed drugs and other addictive substances.


You will be asked about your current symptoms, together with your medical history, your personality and lifestyle. Often people find the opportunity to take time and tell their story forms part of the healing process.

The first appointment takes about an hour, with 30 minute follow up appointments, which generally take place monthly.

The length of time that a treatment takes to work varies from person to person. For acute problems homeopathy works almost immediately. A more chronic complaint may take longer to heal, but you should find some improvement during the course of treatment.

About Lesley Wilkinson

I first had homeopathic treatment as a teenager with painful erratic periods. Later I developed verucaes and warts. Despite my GP's efforts and eventually freezing them off they responded by increasing! Three months of homeopathy and they all disappeared. But it wasn't until the birth of my first child, that I decided that I needed to train as a homeopath primarily to be able to make decisions about the health of my own family.

Initially trained as a nutritionist, (which naturally flavours my work) I qualfied as a homeopath at The College of Practical Homeopathy in 1995 and joined the register of homeopaths. I completed a Post Graduate course in 1996 and became a Member of The College of Practial Homeoapthy. I am currently registered with The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.

Since graduating, as well as running a busy practice in South Croydon, I run a student clinic to complement the training of homeopaths.  This offers the opportunity for quality homeopathy at a low cost, supporting homeopaths into practise and the local community.

I have always believed in supporting others into the profession and hold regular teaching sessions for both the public and students. I run monthly tutorials, supervise and regularly lecture to student homeopaths.

I help to improve the high standards of professional homeopaths by working as an approved assessor and supervisor in homeopathy for new professionals.

I am committed to continuing professional development to ensure that all clients receive the best of homeopathic treatment.


6 Brambledown Road

South Croydon, CR2 0BL


020 8657 8698


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